Imagine a school...

  • Where individual interests drive learning
  • Where democracy is the root of all decision making
  • Where the staff respond to student and family needs
  • Where developing meaningful relationships and resolving conflicts are part of the curriculum
  • Where students are treated with respect

At Eugene Sudbury School, learning is self-paced, self-initiated, and meaningful. It is the kind of learning that doesn’t depend on bells or limits, but stretches across the day, the year, and ultimately, across students’ lifetimes. Each challenge leads to the next, and natural inquiry situates problems in context, in history, and in geography. It enables deep understanding, critical thinking, questioning, and significant learning. There are four key components to a democratic education: freedom, democracy, responsibility, and equality.

Eugene Sudbury students are free to choose how they spend their days. Their innate curiosity drives their impulse to learn and become successful, passionate adults. Students have the freedom and the ultimate responsibility to choose their learning materials. Our curricula is the unlimited palette of life. They may choose to play chess or play piano, work on high-level math or work on a community farm, engage in a virtual world or engage in a civic club.

Sports, academics, hobbies, art, service, or invention, we value all children’s paths. We respect all disciplines and learning endeavors. We offer a space for nontraditional pursuits to exist alongside traditionally academic endeavors. Self-evaluation is at the core of learning, therefore, we do not grade students but offer support when needed.

This video from the Sudbury Valley School gives an overview of what a typical day at a Sudbury school might look like: